Cyberquery® - Information Access

Cyberquery brings order and simplicity to your computer applications and easily releases the wealth of information held in these systems.



Almost always, the information you need already exists;

Cyberquery simply makes it easy to access.

Cyberquery lets you put the power of strategic decision making into the hands of key employees at all levels in your organization.

With Cyberquery, authorized employees can quickly and easily obtain the information they need when they need it.

Cyberquery transforms the ability of managers to analyze, understand and control facility dynamics. The insight gained can enhance the efficiency of the entire business strategy and planning process.

Vital business intelligence information can be delivered in a format most meaningful to the individual user:







Distributed by:






Over the web



Leverages your IT Infrastructure

Cyberquery is the catalyst to make your systems proactive, rather than reactive.

Cyberquery leverages your entire investment in applications, databases, networking, the internet and IT manpower by enabling information to be distributed automatically to those that need it, almost instantly.


Your Data

Cyberquery is designed to eliminate the barriers between you and your data.

Using Cyberquery enables you to access your software applications to produce and electronically distribute information in a fraction of the time required by conventional report writers.

You need only specify the information you require, rather than the procedure to access and format it. Cyberquery also has outstanding run-time performance that produces results very quickly. These two factors greatly enhance personal productivity, making the information discovery process rewarding.



Powerful Reporting Types

When you require record-by-record detail reports, just specify the data needed and Cyberquery presents the information drawn from one or more databases. You can sort, organize and rearrange information as you desire. Cyberquery automatically optimizes layout and pagination, saving you the effort.

Summary reports provide the information needed for strategic decisions.

For example: sort procedures or suppliers by state/ province, by year, by quarter, by doctor.

Through summaries, you can find essential information that empowers more informed business decisions.

Sometimes, information is much more apparent in a graph or chart compared to a table of figures. Cyberquery lets you change the display from a table to a chart and back again with the click of a mouse.



You can easily export information directly into Excel and other spreadsheets for further analysis and presentation.

Power To Every User’s Desk

Cyberquery meets the needs of business analysts, programmers and occasional users. Cyberquery brings power to every user’s desk, regardless of their data processing experience and truly meets the needs of department managers.

Ease of


Cyberquery is designed for ease of use and is very easy to learn and use for the novice user, yet sophisticated and powerful enough to meet the needs of the advanced user or programmer. Wizards guide novice users. As users become more proficient, they begin to make use of the advanced capabilities of Cyberquery.

The Preferred Tool For Professionals

For power users, analysts and programmers, Cyberquery is the industry’s most advanced query development system.

It offers a professional interface designed to maximize user productivity. The superior run-time performance of Cyberquery allows programmers to rewrite existing reports to gain efficiency.



All employees can use Cyberquery.

This is a major advantage. Cyberquery provides a common language and a common set of concepts that all users can understand. Users can discuss requirements with IT professionals using the same concepts and language. This leads to a major improvement in communication and mutual understanding.

This can leverage your entire IT investment, and with Cyberquery you have a single product to install, learn and support.



The reward you gain from using a tool must greatly exceed the effort required to learn and use it.

The great success of Cyberquery is due to its excellent effort / reward ratio. Users find the information they gain from using Cyberquery exciting and they quickly gain valuable insight into their corporate data. A query will nearly always provide new information not seen before. This new information often leads to several further queries to better understand and exploit this new information.

The unique speed and responsive ergonomics of Cyberquery greatly enhances the user’s productivity and creativity in this process. The reward which Cyberquery provides ensures that Cyberquery is used to the utmost and guarantees a highly successful investment.



With the ease, speed and simplicity of accessing your facility data, analysis becomes more creative.

Once users discover how easy accessing information can be, they begin to experiment with different statistical analyses and comparative studies. The amount of information and strategic insight users can gather with a minimal effort encourages them to be creative. The business benefits from such insight can be vital.



Cyberquery will help your organization become smarter and more efficient.

Perhaps the greatest reward your organization gains from Cyberquery is the ability to respond quickly to rapid changes. This translates into a budgeting advantage, improved accountability and better health services.



Web-based reporting represents a quantum leap forward in ease of use for business systems.

By publishing business information on an intranet, you put that information in the hands of those who need it, with zero deployment costs, zero training and zero user administration. By publishing on an extranet, you enhance your relationships with your managers and their suppliers.


The Web

Cyberquery integrates seamlessly into your web infrastructure, leveraging your existing investment in web technology.

Employees are already familiar with the web and e-mail – Cyberquery draws on that experience, extending the reach of business-critical information to every user’s desktop. Not only does Cyberquery magnify the value of your investment in web technology, but web technology magnifies the value of Cyberquery. The same database query that provides an accountant with a spreadsheet for detailed analysis can deliver that information to the web with no extra development cost, as a spreadsheet, a PDF or HTML report, or an interactive chart.



Cyberquery is a complete web-enabled solution to your information deployment needs.

The Cyberquery Launchpad provides an intuitive search-and-browse environment for accessing business information. Reports, documentation, spreadsheets, charts and any other business documents can be published, browsed and searched in one simple, customizable environment.

Subscriptions enable your key personnel to receive critical information using their e-mail or mobile device, when they need it and in the format of their choice. Subscriptions transform your reporting environment from a passive information source to a proactive information deployment center. The business efficiencies speak for themselves.



The Cyberquery data dictionary is so well engineered, that it eliminates the maintenance headaches associated with other products.

A key component of Cyberquery is its powerful data dictionary which provides significant productivity gains by freeing the user from concerns about how the data is organized. The Cyberquery data dictionary lets you describe your data in a way that shields programmers and end-users from the low level details of the database, enabling them to view data at the appropriate level of abstraction.

Setting up the Cyberquery data dictionary is very easy with an automatic interface which downloads the details from your data sources. Cyberquery simultaneously supports different database systems. This means Cyberquery can seamlessly join data from disparate systems.

Cyberquery hides all physical details of the underlying data, eliminating complexity and maximizing user productivity.

Supports your


Cyberquery supports all major Unix operating systems, Linux and Microsoft server platforms.

Its database support includes:






SQL Server








MicroFocus COBOL









An open API allows you to create a native interface to most other databases.


What People Are Saying

Affinity Decision Support’s drill-down is definitely our favorite feature. It allows for financial management decentralization and cuts down on telephone calls to AP and payroll offices

Katja Waldman

Director of Finance,

Executive and senior level managers consistently find the drill-down functionality in Affinity Decision Support useful and valuable, in some cases, on a daily basis. Affinity Decision Support’s reporting capabilities are the best available on the market.

Masood Peracha


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