Management Dashboards

Key Management Information at your Fingertips

Designed to measure and report your organization’s operational, financial, and executive performance without requiring you to run reports or go looking for information, the Affinity Dashboards keep you in the loop constantly, and in real-time.



With a customizable, aesthetically pleasing layout, information is strategically displayed through gauges, graphs, and charts, keeping your staff current with the operations of their department, division, or entire organization. User-defined security standards allow you to load a customized dashboard based on defined permissions.

The dashboard builder allows you to set up multiple KPIs for yourself or other users. Each dashboard can have multiple tabs that contain multiple KPIs.

User-defined security standards allow you to load a customized dashboard based on defined permissions.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can focus on everything, from individual department needs to broad organizational needs. Data drill-down is available for specific KPIs so detailed backup information can be made available when required.

Affinity KPIs

The Management Dashboards are strategically designed to align with all suites within the Affinity family:


Accounts Receivable Management


Finance Management


Human Capital Management


Supply Chain Management

Keep data current through real-time access to those KPIs important to you.

User-defined KPIs allow you to:


Drill-down to specific information in a suite


Distill large quantities of complex data in minutes


Roll-up details into executive summaries



Similar to Affinity’s Discovery EIS reporting module, the Management Dashboards give you the ability to define parameters that address your specific requirements. You can assign thresholds for acceptable ranges of values for a given KPI, and if a value falls beneath the defined range, you can drill-down to more detailed information on value discrepancies.

The dashboard builder allows you to set up multiple KPIs for yourself or other users. Each dashboard can have multiple tabs that contain multiple KPIs.

Designed to work exclusively with Affinity’s Core KPI Module and/or Cyberquery data base dictionary.

Follows Your Organizational Structure

The Management Dashboards allow you to define a navigational structure for presenting cascading KPIs along a pre-defined hierarchy. Examples include geographical structures (per facility or region) and logical structures (per department or operational area). All dashboard KPIs are created within the hierarchy, allowing users to simply click and navigate at will.

Optimal Data


Adhering to Best Practices in Data Visualization, Affinity’s Management Dashboards are designed to help you monitor and manage your business by presenting KPIs with a visual simplicity. Sophisticated chart objects provide comparative analyses, time-based trending, and relative performance through the use of multiple charts per KPI and multiple axes per chart.

Follows Your Organizational Structure

All KPIs in the Management Dashboards are developed and delivered using Cyberquery, a powerful yet intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

Sites have the ability to modify and extend the Management Dashboards through the use of Cyberquery, offering unparalleled flexibility in allowing you to determine your own corporate dashboard methodology. User-defined alerts can be added which notify you when KPIs fall outside standard operating norms – even if you are not running the Affinity Dashboard software.

Outside Data


Cyberquery easily connects to industry standard SQL-based databases. Management Dashboard users have the option of connecting to non-Affinity data structures and integrating the data into their Dashboard presentation.

Future Functionality

We are already working on additional features for the next version of Affinity Dashboards.

Some of those features include:


Dashboard access through hand-held smartphones and other PDA devices



By presenting data in a versatile environment, the Affinity Management Dashboards help you track and maintain current business initiatives through your defined KPIs. By continuously tracking data exchange with other Affinity modules through drill-downs in real-time or manual mode, you are provided with the critical business information your organization requires to achieve success and peace of mind.


What People Are Saying

Affinity Decision Support’s drill-down is definitely our favorite feature. It allows for financial management decentralization and cuts down on telephone calls to AP and payroll offices

Katja Waldman

Director of Finance,

Executive and senior level managers consistently find the drill-down functionality in Affinity Decision Support useful and valuable, in some cases, on a daily basis. Affinity Decision Support’s reporting capabilities are the best available on the market.

Masood Peracha


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