Ensure data integrity with a four-step process

Clean, accurate and verified data for better decision-making

Data integrity is required to make sound financial decisions. That’s why Harris Affinity developed a four-step maintenance process to ensure that every client’s data is clean, accurate and verified before entering Decision Support.

Data Integrity Benefits

ADS’ four steps to financial data integrity:

Step 1: Load.

ADS accepts data from virtually any system in a variety of formats, from Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems (both acute and MD), OR source systems, supply chain and pharmaceuticals to payor contracts. ADS provides automatic field mapping, batch records and an audit report with frequency totals for data validation.

Step 2: Convert.

Automate data conversion by rules and look-up tables while merging, truncating and generating standard and custom fields where applicable.

Step 3: Verify.

Prior to go-live, ADS undergoes a stringent data verification process, which includes auto-updates for new codes, integrated online error correction and data edit checks.

Step 4: Publish.

Only valid data makes it to the production stage. ADS retains unverified data for review, loading and validation for future analysis.

Ready to ensure data integrity for better financial decision-making?