Reduce costs across the continuum of care

Identify episodic relationships to meet the goals of reducing costs

Throughout healthcare, financial teams are faced with the challenge of finding ways to reduce costs components across the continuum of care without sacrificing patient safety or quality of care.

Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) provides the capacity to define and identify episodic relationships to meet the goals of reducing costs.

Benefits of ADS Episodes of Care

Identify Cost Drivers

ADS Episodes of Care helps hospital CFOs easily identify the cost drivers in order to gain efficiencies and improve care. You’ll be able to capture the total cost of treating a patient, from intake to discharge to rehab.

Combining physician and professional costs with pre-acute, acute and post-acute patient care helps hospital administrators conduct a thorough financial analysis.

Components of this analysis include evaluating, monitoring and modeling episode-based costs; distinguishing between related and unrelated medical events; and bundling similar encounters.

ADS helps facilities:

  • Develop comprehensive professional and post-acute cost models with minimal impact to daily production resources
  • Establish efficient cost processes for hospital and physician models
  • Produce reports that include both technical and professional financial analyses with patient and encounter levels of detail
  • Isolate non-related patient activities from episode encounters

Are you ready to improve the financial health of your organization?