Reporting and analytic tools to support strategic financial planning

Integrate clinical, financial and administrative data to help assess the true cost of services

Reporting & Analytics is a standard expectation of decision support software. In order to create strategic financial plans to help ensure the sustainability of healthcare facilities and determine true utilization cost, access to quality data and on-demand reimbursement intelligence is essential.
“Recently I needed to try to pull together the ancillary services that were incurred while a patient was on a specific floor. Working with the ADS team, I was able to set up the little known ‘Medical Service Line’ assignment process to group charges by routine floor. Using this assignment I created a WebI report that showed the charges and cost for the ancillary services generated while the patient was on the floor. This has been a big help in analyzing the impact of shifting the patient population to maximize staffing and expenses.”

Margaret Anderson, Geisinger Holy Spirit

Benefits of ADS Reporting & Analytics Tools

ADS Reporting & Analytics tools integrate all clinical, financial and administrative data to help assess the true cost of services. Uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive smarter financial decisions. Advantages include:

  • Physician utilization, peer comparison and facility comparative reporting
  • Customized dashboards
  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Integration with external data sets
  • Automated scheduling

Do you have the tools to support your strategic financial planning?