Decision Support

Executive Summary

The importance to health care providers of a comprehensive Decision Support System (DSS) cannot be understated in today’s rapidly changing economic and regulatory environment.

Data Driven

Decision Making

As healthcare continues to shift to more data-driven decision making, having clear visibility into key volume, cost and profitability measures across the continuum of care will become increasingly important for both long-range and tactical planning activities. Decisions related to strategic items such as which service lines to grow and expand, whether or not an organization should consider risk-based payment models, or where opportunities for operational changes or process improvement could drive hard-dollar savings, all require accurate and reliable patient-level cost and profitability analysis.

A truly effective DSS meets these needs by combining workflow tools, business intelligence and, services that tangibly help you to identify performance gaps and pinpoint meaningful areas for clinical and operational improvement, while extending these improvements through ongoing measurement, monitoring, and feedback. The financial savings realized by turning data into actionable information will give you the means to reinvest in your organization – thereby saving time and improving efficiencies that will ultimately help to improve patient care.

Affinity Decision Support (ADS) clients include clinical enterprises, children’s hospitals, for-profit and not-for-profit, tertiary care centers, rehabilitation centers, teaching organizations and health maintenance organizations. The sizes of these health care organizations range from a single hospital with 59 acute care beds, to a multi-entity clinical enterprise comprised of more than 60 hospitals. They range in complexity as well, from community hospitals to teaching facilities in university settings. It is this breadth of size and depth within our client base that truly sets Affinity apart as being a solution that can be tailored to best meet the profile of an organization like yours.

Many organizations have a stated desire to deploy a DSS system into their enterprise that provides their leaders with predictable, accurate and exact cost data and information when and how they want it. Additionally, organizations are looking for a solution that can capture and address not just hospital information, but also physician practice cost data. Finally, executives are looking for a partner system to help advance its current and future initiatives, including but not limited to managing population health, analyzing bundled payment methods, and pinpointing the source of cost variances

Affinity stands ready to provide organizations with the technology, DSS expertise, analytics and commitment to enabling executives to prepare for the future.

Cost Accounting

This comprehensive tool helps client to develop cost standards, allocate overhead, and calculate case costs. ADS assists four major segments of the cost management cycle, including structure definition, cost drivers, cost determination, and cost management.


Contract management integrates all aspects of the contract process, including contract planning, negotiation, expected payment calculation, compliance, and monitoring. It’s ICD-10 compliant and has the ability to interface with the operational billing process.


ADS enables you to set various budget types including operating budget, flex budget, and job code budgets. Additionally, there is embedded budget workflow functionality and dashboard reporting functionality to monitor financial performance trends.


ADS offers an extensive suite of standard reports utilizing Oracle® database technology. In addition, industry-leading report writers, SAP Web Intelligence (WebI) and SAP Crystal Reports has been integrated into the application to provide online query and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.


ADS enables enterprise-wide visibility into everyday financial, clinical, and operational impact on a provider’s bottom line. We include the ability to customize and schedule the data you wish to see so that key information can be distributed to executives in a timely and efficient manner.



Our DSS solution provides state-of-the-art functionality, and we deliver this solution in a fully integrated, web-based application that has the ability to serve any/all of your health system’s needs. The system can, be delivered via an ASP model, or installed on your own maintained hardware.

Affinity offers a level of expertise and innovation that is only available from a company with more than a 30 years of experience in the DSS market space – plus a track record of improving the financial health of more than 180 health systems, including 5,400 hospitals and 123,000 non-acute care healthcare providers


What People Are Saying

Affinity Decision Support’s drill-down is definitely our favorite feature. It allows for financial management decentralization and cuts down on telephone calls to AP and payroll offices

Katja Waldman

Director of Finance,

Executive and senior level managers consistently find the drill-down functionality in Affinity Decision Support useful and valuable, in some cases, on a daily basis. Affinity Decision Support’s reporting capabilities are the best available on the market.

Masood Peracha