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HR professionals are now playing a more strategic role in their organization, leaving less time for administrative tasks to keep employee information current. Why not place that responsibility where it makes the most sense — in the employee’s hands?

Self Service


No one is more motivated than the employee to maintain an accurate employee file.

And the fact that Affinity Employee Self Service is web-based means that employee information is maintained in a greener, paperless environment.

Help Employees Help Themselves

Affinity Employee Self Service was developed to free up time for HR and Payroll professionals and to empower employees and supervisors with managing that information.

Affinity Employee Self Service, the newest module in the Affinity Human Capital Management Suite, is integrated with the HR and Payroll modules so that all changes take place in real-time.

Smart, Secure Software

Managers see only the employees relevant to their department

Employees can view and edit only their own information

Security surrounding the paystub ensures that no traces of the paystub remain on the computer station employees use to view their information

Set up the options employees have in regards to requesting time off, viewing hour banks, benefits, and shift preferences

Accurate, Efficient, Convenient

Saves HR professionals time by eliminating basic administrative tasks

Empowers employees and managers with the ability to manage employee information

Eliminates traditionally expensive and time-consuming tasks like printing and mailing paystubs

Increases efficiency and accuracy by allowing employees to alter personal information as soon as it changes

Saves paper and money by eliminating paperwork—employee information is accessed and managed online

Empower Employees

View and print current and past paystubs at their convenience

Request time off

Casual employees can note their shift preferences

View and edit their demographic, contact, dependent, and personal information

View their benefit information

View their banked time balances (vacation, overtime, etc.)

Better Management, Happier Employees

Manage employee time off and shift requests

Submit their own time off requests

View and edit their own demographic, contact, dependent, and personal information

View their own benefit information and hours banked

View and print their own paystubs

A powerful addition to the Affinity Human Capital Management Suite, Affinity Employee Self Service is a web-based, green solution that empowers employees and managers, increases efficiency and accuracy, and saves paper and money by allowing staff to manage employee information online, on their time.




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