Accelerate decision making to help reduce the cost of supplies, automate complex payroll processing and determine the true cost of services while freeing-up IT resources

Benefit from an integrated data hub to effectively manage resources for better decision making.

Harris Affinity’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution combines financial and statistical data from multiple facets within the organization from human capital, supply chain management, payroll, reporting, budgeting, and time and attendance that will enable hospital administrators to make sound financial decisions.


What Can Harris Affinity ERP Do for You?

  • Enable fully-informed decision making by tracking key metrics using a combination of financial and statistical data
  • Determine the true cost of services through dynamic data via web intelligence reporting
  • Decrease payroll preparation time through automated complex payroll processing and multi-position time and attendance tracking
  • Improve the approval, invoicing and reconciliation process with built-in e-commerce
  • Reduce the cost of supplies through integrated supply chain management software written specifically for healthcare

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