Streamline HR activities and reduce back-office costs to improve
employee recruiting and development


In healthcare, a top-notch workforce is essential, but even the most complex healthcare organizations can simplify their efforts. Handle intricate payroll processing, multi-position time and attendance tracking, and online recruiting capabilities while providing self-service options to help keep your employees engaged.

Harris Affinity ERP Human Capital Management Suite: Key Components

Human Resources

Professionally manage intricate employee scenarios working under multiple positions and agreements. Manage existing employees, recruitment, new applicants and labor relations via position management algorithms that allow you to mass update records with ease.


Automate all aspects of complex pay and benefit calculations while eliminating manual intervention with accurate formulas.

Employee Self-Service

Empower employees and supervisors to manage their own information and access key data (pay stubs, W2s, PTO, etc.)
via an online portal.

Time & Attendance

Simplify the implementation of complex compensation rules and automate the payroll processes resulting in reduced payroll preparation time, maximized cost savings and increased overall efficiency.

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