IT Simplified


Empower non-technical staff to manage the Harris Affinity ERP solution from a single, central location to reduce burdens on your internal IT department.

Harris Affinity ERP Systems Management Suite: Key Components

Security Manager

Save time and money by simplifying and monitoring all user security from a single location.

Data Manager

Effortlessly scale server configuration and automatically create test environments without a database administrator.

IT Manager

Configure system alerts, monitor and download upgrades to keep your system current and worry free.

Server Update Wizard

Automatically update all system tables and synchronize user workstations as new updates are installed.

Schema Location Editor

Expand your scale of production by running multiple distinct organizations from a single server.

System Manager

Protect against the impact of unrecoverable server errors. Through table management utilities that perform data integrity audits, you can repair balance files in the unlikely event of a database failure (e.g., if a hardware issue causes corruption in your data structures).

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