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Efficiency comes when Enterprise Resource Planning software leads employees through a fully integrated business process enabled with advanced e-commerce that eliminates data entry and dramatically reduces errors.


Let Affinity help you put more time into what matters most.

We’re not sure who thought aggregating and parsing financial data sets was a great use of a person’s time. Chances are it’s one job you’ll be happy to automate. Put your team’s time towards strategic analysis and let Affinity ERP integrate and automate your day-to-day accounting and financial events.

Quickly drill down from mile high to transaction level

Combine financial and clinical data for a holistic view

Report info is linked to the live GL database

Build reports once, then repopulate with live data

Built to healthcare best practices



Financial Management

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You can confidently go about your daily business knowing your financial, statistical and accounts receivable information is complete, accurate, and effortlessly assembled and distributed to authorized stakeholders only, with minimal intervention.

Supply Chain Management

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Total control of the entire source-to-settlement process is yours with a comprehensive suite of integrated and e-commerce enabled Supply Chain Management software that significantly reduces work and errors while improving efficiency to make a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

Human Capital Management

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By simplifying and streamlining Human Capital Management processes, you can achieve total control of workforce-related costs and be constantly assured of employing your valuable human resources to maximum advantage.

Systems Management

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Systems Management software equips staff to manage the technical aspects of all Affinity ERP applications from a single location.


Fully integrated software streamlines business processes to create new efficiencies.

Maximum Efficiency – software leads employees through a fully integrated business process enabled with advanced e-commerce that eliminates data entry and dramatically reduces errors.

Total Financial Control – business information is always at your fingertips and account source and transaction details are only a mouse-click away.

Ultimate Peace of Mind – you can absolutely trust your numbers and your organization is as efficient as it can be.

Fully integrated ERP built for healthcare

Find the Affinity ERP that fits your budget

Choose your pricing: license or subscription

Select best-of-breed or standalone

Minimize impact

Experts at integrating clinical and financial solutions

Designed specifically to drive efficiency and profitability in healthcare environments


Delivering Solutions

How do we do it? By transforming historically inefficient and disparate business processes into a single, fully integrated ERP, Affinity solutions deliver significant savings right to the bottom line.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of people increase efficiency and reduce costs since 1989.
We can help yours.


What People Are Saying

We’re able to drill-down within the GL to find exact payroll information… right down to the individual and the timecard. Before, we never had that ability.

Beth McIsaac

Accounting Manager

I recently trained a new person on the software, and she said, ‘That’s got to be the easiest system I’ve ever had to learn’.

Christine McCoy

Manager of Finance