Online Recruiting

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Take your HR recruitment efforts to the next level by integrating Affinity Online Recruiting with your website to automatically post open positions and bring resumes directly into your Affinity Human Resources system.

Real Recruits

Real Time

Let potential employees reveal themselves to you in real time once approved positions open up in your Human Resources software.

Post vacancies online for external applicants to review and respond to in real time

Customize your recruiting screen with your logo, organization information and website terms of use

Integrate directly with your Affinity Applicant Manager to import valid applicants for further consideration

View potential employees from your applicant dashboard where you can provide quick rankings and identify for further consideration

Link position skills to your posting and evaluate candidates based on position fit

Manage employee receivables

Administer pension plans

Track referrals back to recruitment postings to assess the effectiveness of your recruitment campaign

Provide customized quizzes for your applicants to further filter your best from the rest




Online Recruiting

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