Inventory Sales
Requisitioning stops unauthorized expenses before they’re incurred.
Inventory Sales acts as an interface between Materials Management, Accounts Receivable, and the General Ledger



Requisitioning stops unauthorized expenses before they’re incurred, eliminates tedious and time-consuming paper trails, and encourages compliance with existing purchasing contracts.



Order services, supplies, and capital items through standard catalogs specifically defined for each user

Search vendor catalogs live on eCommerce and add items directly into open requisitions

Route purchase requests through an established approval process predicated on the nature of the requisition, the person requisitioning, and the amount of the purchase to prevent unauthorized purchases

Automatically update requisition line status as the request moves through approval to purchasing, receiving, and delivery

Select from requisition types including Regular, Capital, Service and Request for Information

Display unique subsets of the Materials Management item catalog for each user or group

Track the status of each requisition online and avoid telephone tag and e-mail lag

Eliminate duplicate data entry with requisition information that flows to RFQs, purchase orders, receiving, invoicing, and payments

Consolidate multiple requests to a single requisition and multiple requisitions to a single PO

Drill-down to requisition and approval records from live financial statements in Discovery EIS

Streamline business processes and improve data quality with catalog and vendor files that are common to materials management and finance, and shared with external trading partners through eCommerceORMED X



In a fully integrated environment, Inventory Sales acts as an interface between Materials Management, Accounts Receivable, and the General Ledger to automate the sale of inventory to external parties and increase your buying power.



Generate profit by managing the mark-up and resale of all items in inventory

Generate regular and credit invoices

Maintain a detailed transaction log

Maintain a register of cash receipts

Make accurate accounting entries to Materials Management, Accounts Receivable, and the General Ledger

Access multiple item mark-ups by product and client

Track revenues and profits by item, commodity, and client

Undertake full order tracking, including returns, credit invoices, and restocking charges





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