Patient Care into Cash

Optimize transforming patient care into cash with clear insight into every financial decision.

Affinity Revenue Cycle Management reduces the need for ‘bolt-on’ applications thus lowering an organization’s overall cost to collect from both payers and guarantors.


Receivables Best Practices

Frame every clinical operation in a clear financial window with an award-winning, KLAS-leading revenue cycle system that eliminates the need for bolt-on applications.

Many of our customers have been helping to improve and evolve Revenue Cycle Manager for 10+ years. Now an Affinity core offering, RCM is a system that continues to live up to its promises.

Improve timely cash collections and reduces A/R days

Reduce cost to collect with tools that streamline billing and manage complex contract relationships

Provide tangible efficiencies through exception-driven processing and workflow

Exchange information with payers and clearinghouses more easily and quickly

Identify trends, alerts, and changes in operational performance


Patient Registration

Automate insurance eligibility checks to prevent claim denials and delays and determine patient ability to pay upfront.

Claim Management

Connect directly with payers or clearinghouses to expedite claim processing. Adds ease and speed to exchange of information with payers and clearinghouses.

Improved Cash Flow

Affinity delivers improved cash flow by marrying key elements of the revenue cycle with a holistic revenue management ecosystem. Using Affinity RCM as the single-source to access key financial information from the multiple clinical and operational systems you already use also reduces the need for less efficient ‘bolt-on’ applications, thus lowering your organization’s overall cost to collect from both payers and guarantors.

Receivables Management

Zero-out accounts and ascertain cash flow quickly and efficiently.


Charge Capture

Interface with key clinical, lab and pharmacy systems for accurate billing. Reduces cost to collect with intrinsic tools to streamline billing and manage complex contract relationships.


Medical Records Management

Streamline workflow for HIM staff with abstracting, DRG and chart tracking tools. Interface to encoder products to ensure accuracy.


Workflow-based collection components help automate the process from beginning to end. Process claims cleanly on the first pass with worklists and rules-based editing to ensure timely payments.

RCM Analytics

In-depth examination of your revenue stream. Know who, what, when, and where you’re likely to encounter issues and how cash flows throughout your organization. Dashboards with historical, current, and predictive views of business operations along with Payer Performance Scorecard which provides insight to Financial Classes and associated payers with key performance indicators and detailed drill-downs.

Patient Billing

Produce consolidated billing statements internally or through a contracted service provider. Provides tangible efficiencies through exception-driven processing and work-flow.


Contract Management

Administers managed care contracts, calculates reimbursement, and actualizes the value of accounts receivable. Give your facility an edge with advanced reporting and modeling.


Save time by optimizing and automating even the most extreme, complex scheduling procedures.


What People Are Saying

I’ve been with Orlando Health 21 years, and out of those 21 years I’ve been with Harris for 20. Anytime there are regulatory releases they reach out to us and want to know how that’s going to impact our business. They will have multiple meetings leading up to the effective date of that regulatory release, and then afterwards they support us throughout the process as well.

Erica Whalen

Orlando Health

Getting accurate cost data is very important to us because we use the information for making a lot of decisions on whether we start a product line, continue a product line, discontinue a product line or even at the level of procedures and services. The Affinity Cost Accounting system helps us do that because we can get accurate information out of it to make those decisions that we need to make.

Bart Kenton

Hays Medical


Meet Our Experts

Leslie Crabtree

Team Lead and Interface Expert

Harris Affinity - AP and AR

Leslie Crabtree has a Bachelor of Science from Juniata College and 40 years of experience working with healthcare software, most of that with the Affinity product. She has been working with HL7 interfaces practically since HL7 was first developed, and has implemented interfaces to more systems than she can count! In addition to HL7 interfaces, she can also manage conversions projects, write queries and program customizations. So any time you need to get data from one system to another, Leslie can take care of it.