Streamline Your Budgeting & Planning Process

Apply the best methodologies for YOUR organization with a solution that can pivot to the ever-changing demands of the healthcare landscape. Empower your staff with the tools to help expedite the budget process that include multiple options: bottom-up, top-down, service line, rolling forecasts, and more.

Harris Affinity has simplified the healthcare organization budgeting process by providing a tool that will reduce the risk of surprise variances and will help inform both current and future evidence-informed decision-making.

Budgeting & Planning Reimagined (BPR) is:

  • Accurate. Coupled with detailed account information from your general ledger and staffing data from your payroll system, you can confidently build a data-driven defensible budget with measurable targets to ensure your organization stays on track
  • Comprehensive. Maintain multiple forecasting scenarios while building a comparative operating budget. Decision support actual cost data can be combined with budgeting capabilities where the inter-dependent complexities are accounted for allowing you to confidently build your budget and develop cost containment, operational improvements, and business expansion strategies. Choose from a full suite of customizable budgeting features.
  • Streamlined. While automation manages the process of running calculations and tasks, the large number of standard forecasting methods and templates makes set-up easy. Access detailed historical data in both your financial and statistical accounts, apply user-defined parameters, and benefit from the ability to select and adjust forecast methods with minimal user effort.


By combining the power of Budgeting & Planning Reimagined with Affinity Decision Support, you will be empowered with the following capabilities:

  • Analyze and adjust data with OLAP in-memory multi-dimensional analysis
  • Drive operational budget based on job code, pay type, service line, cost data, GL & UOS
  • Monitor your budget variances using multiple methodologies such as flex and productivity reporting with dashboards for department level accountability
  • Manage your capital requests where you can calculate your depreciation expense budget based on depreciation schedules and plan for future capital needs
  • Forecast the financial impact of changes to the mix of patients using predictive analytics & what-if modeling with the ability to pre-test before publishing
  • Predict high-level forecast based on historical trends and seasonality
  • Build your budget using the Excel add-in with real-time changes and publish to your internal web

Are you ready to streamline your budgeting process?