ADS Costing

Harris Affinity Costing is a comprehensive decision support solution that combines financial, clinical, and patient activity information to empower healthcare providers to make critical, evidence-informed decisions that optimize care delivery and financial performance.

Does your hospital know the true cost of care?

Understanding the patient care costs—from labor to drugs and high-cost implantable devices—helps hospital administrators make informed decisions, providing the precision needed to manage spending and deliver care services in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

Turn Data into Actionable Information


Harris Affinity’s expertise in advanced costing gives hospital administrators:

Comprehensive information including financial, utilization, and clinical data.

Accurate cost results through integrated verification and validation.

Cost precision with detailed patient care utilization.

“Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) has allowed us to track the shift of our patients from observation to IP setting in an accurate and timely manner. This, coupled with the ability to review the actual cash collections and direct patient costs, has afforded us the ability to provide our senior leadership the data to support the cost of adding the various FTEs, changes in processes as well as software expense. Having solid decision support tools allows our facility to make sound business decisions in what is not always a sound or solid environment.


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