On-demand reimbursement intelligence

Keep up with changing contract terms

Keeping up with the changing contract terms from both government (e.g. Medicare) and commercial/private insurance is challenging at best and confusing to most. That’s why Harris ADS Costing is here to help!

Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) helps facilities achieve superior prospective analysis by illuminating the impact of changing health insurance contract terms for various populations served.

Benefits of ADS Contracting

Offering on-demand reimbursement intelligence with flexible modeling allows hospital administrators to navigate the ever-changing contract terms throughout the entire revenue cycle.

Side-by-side analysis supports negotiation planning by including unlimited “what-if” scenarios. Other benefits include the ability to:

  • Operate in a “sandbox” environment to build and test contract terms, where you can publish those as actual terms (once finalized)
  • Automated system processes work around-the-clock to ensure maximum productivity
  • Model virtually any contract term (commercial, government, etc.) for easy comparison with past terms during contract negotiations
  • Evaluate expected versus actual reimbursements and costs by any demographic

Are you ready to achieve superior prospective analysis?