Harris Affinity Costing as a Service (CaaS)

Improve Your Profit Margins with Harris Affinity (CaaS)

Harris Affinity has provided this service to our valued customers for decades. But now, for the first time, Harris Affinity has bundled these productivity-enhancing services together as an affordable out-of-the-box solution, based on direct market feedback and input from hospital CFOs and healthcare financial leaders, as a mechanism to support customers through these evolving and complex times.

Harris Affinity’s CaaS service combines outsourced cost accounting and impact analysis, and is a cost-effective program designed to take data gathering, cost processing, and reporting off your plate.

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How Does Costing as a Service Benefit You?

  •  Save money. Engaging with Harris Affinity’s outsourced cost accounting services is less costly than adding another full-time employee to your staff.
  •  Gain actionable insights. Harris Affinity consultants provide reports you can leverage to identify opportunities for improvement across the care continuum.

  •  Increase productivity. Free analysts from the busy work of loading and extracting data, so that they have more time to analyze reports and make recommendations for revenue improvements.