The Cost of Hospital Financial Software Limitations

Hospitals rely heavily on sophisticated financial software systems to manage revenue streams, track expenses, and ensure financial stability. However, despite technological advancements, hospitals often face challenges with their financial software that can hinder accuracy, real-time reporting, and interoperability. Navigating 2024: Trends in Healthcare Financial Decision Support Accuracy in Real-Time Reporting One of the primary challenges […]

Maximizing Hospital Revenue: Predicting Payer Behavior with Advanced Analytics

Hospitals are constantly challenged to optimize revenue streams while navigating the complexities of payer behavior and reimbursement dynamics. Lower reimbursements are a continued concern for hospital CFOs. This is causing hospitals to increasingly turn to advanced analytics within costing systems to predict payer behavior and refine reimbursement modeling strategies. Understanding the Importance of Predicting Payer […]

5-Step Guide to Modernizing Hospital Finance

Unlock the future of healthcare finance with our practical 5-step guide to modernizing hospital financial processes. From strategic assessment to incremental technological upgrades, discover actionable steps for seamless transformation. Empower finance professionals and CFOs to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and efficiency. Explore the path to financial excellence in healthcare today.

The Data Revolution: Transforming Healthcare Finance through Analytics

The healthcare landscape is experiencing a monumental shift, driven by the ever-growing sea of data. This data revolution isn’t just transforming patient care but also the very financial foundation of the industry. With 42% of healthcare leaders planning significant investments in data and analytics, according to a recent survey published by the Sage Report, it’s […]

Navigate Healthcare Compliance with Decision Support

Navigate Healthcare Compliance with Decision Support

The healthcare landscape is a swirling vortex of change, with regulations morphing faster than you can say HIPAA violation. New rules and amendments seem to materialize out of thin air, leaving hospital finance professionals constantly scrambling to keep up. This relentless regulatory churn creates a multitude of challenges: Franciscan Health Case Study: Leveraging Financial Data […]

Navigating 2024: Trends in Healthcare Financial Decision Support

Hospital finance professionals stand at a crossroads. As healthcare evolves, driven by technology, value-based care, and population health mandates. Traditional financial decision-making tools and strategies increasingly fall short. The good news? 2024 presents a treasure trove of emerging trends poised to revolutionize financial decision support systems (FDSS) and empower hospitals to navigate this shifting landscape […]

Franciscan Health Case Study:Optimizing a Bundle Payment System w/Decision Support Data

Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) has been a key financial source of truth for Franciscan Health, consistently providing trusted cost and profitability reports.In this compelling case study, we delve into the transformative journey of Franciscan Health as they leverage advanced decision support data to enhance and streamline their bundle payment system.

Signs Your Hospital Needs a New Decision Support Tool

When healthcare spending is estimated to reach $6 trillion by 2027, it is vital that you evaluate your financial performance. For the success and survival of your hospital, it is imperative that you have an accurate costing system in order to improve decision making and financial performance with detailed, precise, and conclusive information. Patients today […]