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A part of Affinity’s specially-designed, healthcare-centric software solutions, Affinity Budgeting was built from the ground up to simplify, streamline, and thoughtfully automate your organization’s budgeting requirements.

Features unique to the Affinity Budgeting system:

Multiple assumption and budget sets on-line

Extensive modeling capabilities

Budget revenue by individual charge item by user define financial classes and patient types

Budget deductions based on the charge item mix

Accounts can be budgeted as fixed, variable or a combination and varied on up to nine different factors per department

Affinity Budgeting was designed to simplify the budgeting process while still offering a detailed working strategic budget.

Flexible and easy to use

Supports multiple budget scenarios

Allow the user to budget by employee, position and account

Detailed help with a single F1 key press

999 monthly budget spread tables are available



The Affinity Budgeting system is flexible and helps you create a budget quickly and easily using industry-standard best practices. A salary budget can be generated by employee, position, or account. If employee is used, it will roll up into position then into account.

The flexibility is also there to budget certain salary items like regular, sick, vacation, etc. at the employee level while budgeting for shift diff, call, etc at the position level.

No Nonsense


The non-salary accounts can be budgeted by account by detail item. For instance, a maintenance contact account can be detailed by contract or a supply account can be detailed by item. Each detailed item can also be spread monthly using a different table and be defined as fixed, variable or a combination.

A capital budget can be created with monthly depreciation spread and depreciation posted to the appropriate account. An approved check mark defines what is actually in the budget and what is item on your wish list


Dataset Customization

Not every organization fits neatly into 12 month fiscal years and standard FTE hours, but regardless of whether or not your organization fits, Affinity Budgeting has you covered. Completely customize datasets per your organization’s needs, whether typical or non-standard, and make confident decisions hassle-free.

Define hours per full-time employee and number of periods per fiscal year

Choose from a variety of default export file types, and export files to email addresses

Import data from various file types or directly from other Affinity applications

Budget in anywhere from 1 to 13 periods


Data Modeling

Data Modeling for Proactive Budgeting or “What If” Analysis

Affinity Budgeting’s modeling features allow you to modify large amounts of data quickly and easily to forecast change impact and associated pros and cons.

Define and modify assumptions to evaluate the impact of facility changes such as inflation, new service, equipment purchases, pay raises, union contracts, etc

Anticipate and review average revenue realizations

Project charge item price and volume changes

Make percentage changes by account standards, procedure volumes, charges, allocations, or revenue realizations


Out of Box

Working with your organization’s data requires soundly-designed, flexible utilities: data auditing, import/export, and more. Affinity Budgeting comes loaded with powerful and practical utilities to ensure your organizational needs are taken care of.

Import assumptions between datasets

Import and export costing data with simple mouse clicks

Import GL and payroll data from any system using designated spreadsheets

Maintain users; add, modify, or remove users and passwords effortlessly

Create reports for facility reconciliation



Flexible budgeting is the process of adjusting budget amounts based on volume and intensity of services. All variable budgeted accounts will be adjusted for changes in statistics. Monthly volumes and statistics are downloaded each month and reports are provided by account and department for the current period and year to date.

In-depth reporting by department, manager, reporting group, or facility

Actual GL balances can be pulled directly from the Affinity GL

Current period and year-to-date variance are produced including efficiency and rate variances for all labor accounts



Whether you are small, large, or anything in between, your organization needs detailed reports to ensure continued smooth day-to-day operation. Like all Affinity software suites, Affinity Budgeting contains an impressive selection of built-in reports based on organizational best practices.



Expert and Complete Implementation Assistance

Expert consulting assists you through the entire implementation process, including one-on–one training of the budget staff.


Summary reports ensure important budgeting totals are ready for review for upper management


Departmental reports make managing department budgeting a breeze


Multiple budget reports compare up to 3 budget scenarios


All files can be output to a report or spreadsheet


Flexible budgeting reports provide data by account and department


All reports can be reviewed on-screen, printed, or exported to a variety of file types (Excel, Lotus, PDF, HTML, etc.)


What People Are Saying

Affinity Decision Support’s drill-down is definitely our favorite feature. It allows for financial management decentralization and cuts down on telephone calls to AP and payroll offices

Katja Waldman

Director of Finance,

Executive and senior level managers consistently find the drill-down functionality in Affinity Decision Support useful and valuable, in some cases, on a daily basis. Affinity Decision Support’s reporting capabilities are the best available on the market.

Masood Peracha



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