Streamline your budgeting process

Budgeting built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals

Reduce the risk of surprise, save time and streamline your hospital’s budgeting process with a budgeting tool that was built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.

Harris Affinity’s Budgeting module was built from the ground-up specifically for the healthcare industry, by professionals who have been providing a full suite of decision support solutions to the market since 1987.


Being able to create and manage an accurate budget is essential to the financial health of your organization. Harris Affinity has simplified the process by providing a tool that will reduce the risk of surprise variances and will help inform both current and future decision-making. ADS Budgeting is:

  • Accurate. Coupled with detailed account information from your general ledger, staffing expenses and hours from your payroll system, ADS Budgeting compiles an accurate budgeting and forecasting module that’s intuitive and helps you set self-targets for improvement to ensure your organization stays on track.

  • Comprehensive. By combining Harris Affinity’s decision support capabilities with budgeting, we take you beyond the decision-making of real-time cost accounting data into predictive analysis. Using both tools, you’re able to do if/then balancing statements, dictate future budgets and create future cost-containment strategies.

  • Efficient. By integrating your budgeting solution with your decision support system, you only have to load data once. This means you’ll spend less time doing maintenance and more time doing the work that makes the difference, such as strategic financial planning.

  • Flexible. Choose from a full suite of flexible budgeting methodologies based on best practices from the healthcare industry. Of course, ADS also offers the ability to adjust any methodology to your specific environment.

  • Streamlined. ADS Budgeting does most of the work for you by accessing detailed historical data in both your financial and statistical accounts, applying user-defined parameters, and allowing you to easily select forecast methods with minimal user effort. The use of templates makes it easy for anyone on staff to replicate formulas and apply them to data sets - no budget expertise required!

Are you ready to streamline your budgeting process?