Determine true utilization cost with our flagship decision support solution


As healthcare continues to shift to more data-driven decision making, having clear visibility into key volume, cost and profitability measures across the continuum of care will become increasingly important for both long-range and tactical planning activities.


A truly effective decision support solution meets these needs by combining workflow tools, business intelligence and services that tangibly help you identify performance gaps and pinpoint meaningful areas for clinical and operational improvement.

The financial savings realized by determining the true cost of care using Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) will give you the means to reinvest in your organization – thereby saving time and improving efficiencies that will ultimately help to improve patient care.

ADS integrates disparate applications together to enhance daily operational decisions. ADS combines budget, cost accounting, contract management, population health and business intelligence functionality. It incorporates existing relative value units (RVU) and history during conversion while simplifying ongoing updates using online RVU worksheets and web-based modelling features. ADS enables your organization to model a variety of scenarios so that you can evaluate multiple decision paths.

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