A message from Harris Affinity’s Executive Vice President, Stephanie Goetz

When 2020 started, I never imagined the year would be altered by a pandemic. Growing up I knew there would be an event I would live through that would change the world. An event of such magnitude that it would have its own chapter in history books. It would be the type of event that I would be explaining to my children and grandchildren. The world event has occurred and COVID-19 will be the title of the chapter.

Everyone has felt the impact of COVID-19 in some form. There has been the financial toll on businesses and the livelihood of this world’s citizens. There has been the search for toilet paper, masks and other essential items. Families have been separated as we have been asked to shelter in place. Some of our friends and family members have been infected by COVID-19 and have had to fight alone as we cheered them on from the distance. The world’s medical heroes have especially been impacted as they have put in relentless hours and faced difficult decisions, as they helped heal the infected.

Through the uncertainty and fear that has surfaced, I have been trying to stay focused on the positives. At one point, I had stopped sending my one-year old daughter to daycare and because of this I was fortunate enough to see her hit milestones I would have normally missed. I was able to see her first solo steps and the progression to her exploring our house solo. I was the first to hear many new sounds and words. I was the first to see her master new dance moves and growing curiosity. I have observed my friends and neighbors embracing the time with their families and the compassion they have for helping those that are in a high-risk category and can’t go out.

Here at Harris Affinity, we have also embraced this period of time to reflect, refocus and reprioritize. Knowing that we all are working to reflect upon and navigate the impact of COVID-19, we scheduled extra webinars to help our customers connect and share best practices. The Harris Affinity team wants to focus on building stronger relationships with our customers and have kicked off our Customer Success Advocate Program . Our R&D team has spent time reprioritizing our planned initiatives and has accelerated the development of our new budget module which will allow us to complete phase one, three months early.

COVID-19 will have a lasting impact and redefine our world from how we do business to how we go about carrying out our day-to-day tasks. As we add a new chapter to the history books, let’s show how we can work together to adapt and showcase our resilience. We want to help: contact us with your questions, concerns or needs.