The COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on everyone, particularly for those of us in the healthcare industry. Harris Affinity understands that this challenging time is fraught with changes – limitations to staffing, reallocations of resources and tasks needing to be prioritized. Hospitals are being bombarded with data, yet it is a challenge to turn that data into actionable information.

We know that our hospitals rely on ADS to facilitate their decision-making throughout their organization. For many of us, the need to make timely, informed decisions has never been greater.

Our team is available to assist you during this challenging time by:

  • Conducting a financial impact analysis of COVID-19 case volumes and the areas of the hospital seeing taxed resources; by reviewing Principal Diagnosis and Procedure codes, we can view how these cases are trending in case and activity volume across the hospital.
  • Providing an analysis of what patients are presenting with symptoms similar to COVID-19 to create a potential-testing list. By reviewing Principal Diagnosis, we can identify potential patients that may be candidates for COVID-19 testing.
  • Reviewing a historical analysis of similar patients to understand potential cost and resource impacts across the hospital i.e. flu cases.
  • Offering outsourcing services for customers who do not have the bandwidth to handle regular processing. If you are performing quarterly, semi-annual or annual processing, we can provide services to get existing FY2020 data into ADS.

View all of our COVID-19 resources. 

Our Customer Success team will be reaching out to you to see if there’s anything more we can do to help. In the interim, for additional updates and resources, please refer to the Product Documentation section of the Customer Portal.

Also, we would be happy to talk with you and offer advice on the potential challenges that you may face working in a “remote culture”. Our business is experienced with working remotely and we’d be happy to share with you our advice and/or just answer any questions that you may have. Contact Us.