ADS’ WebI tool provides the ability to create new reports in minutes

Did you know the Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) module comes with more than 75 standard reports? It only takes a few minutes to build a new report using our Web Intelligence (WebI) reporting tool. Drag and drop functionality simplifies the process and lets you view trends or drill-down into specific data points.

For example, with ADS’ standard reports, you can drill-down to analyze patient activity and costs of a certain subset of the patient population (i.e. those diagnosed with COVID-19). This reporting functionality lets you look at high cost, high volume cases for instant analysis of your problem populations. Standard reports also allow for physician comparison, so you can understand how costs and patient satisfaction differ and what data points are driving those variances (i.e. longer stays, sicker patients, etc.)?

Best of all, you control the level of data or information you want to see at any given time. You can start with an overall trending view across your organization’s facilities or drill-down into the lab costs of one particular patient, along with everything in between.

Harris Affinity provides a plethora of reports to help hospitals view variances, align care delivery, decrease costs and improve patient outcomes. Contact us for all of your reporting needs.