The ADS WebI reporting tool provides drag & drop functionality to instantly view trends related to COVID-19 cases

Harris Affinity understands the predicament our healthcare clients are currently facing: an influx of patients, a shortage of supplies, costs going through the roof and not enough doctors, nurses or beds to handle the volume created by the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s imperative that hospitals understand the financial costs of treating COVID-19 patients and have a full grasp of the related expenditures in order to re-allocate resources and make strategic decisions based on the data. That’s where Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) reporting tools come in.

ADS’ flexible reporting tool, WebI, provides up-to-date views and trending data for COVID-19 encounters. Using drag and drop functionality, you can easily pull in the data points for which you want to view trends.

For example, when you see an (expected) month-by-month volume increase in coronavirus infections, the upward trend should prompt follow-up inquiries and new data points to examine. You’ll want to know how the COIVD-19 cases are affecting your resource allocations and which areas of the facility are likely to be hit the hardest. You’ll want to make an action plan on how to prepare for the inevitable rush of new cases. You’ll want to consider the equipment, supplies and resources necessary to treat these patients, including lab tests, respiratory equipment (i.e. ventilators) and isolation protocols within your critical care unit. In order to make such decisions, you need more data.

ADS’ WebI reporting tool provides those data points to help you make sound, strategic decisions during a crisis—and every day. Watch our video below to see WebI in action. Contact us if you have questions or need assistance with reporting. We’re here to help.