With the release of version 10.5, ADS customers can save time and money by more easily executing complex business logic using the ADS’ new drag and drop Automation Engine to automate the flow of tasks such as file transfer, ADS processing and reporting, and alerts.

According to the 2021 Internet of Healthcare Report, 99% of healthcare executives say that they have multiple systems for at least one process and 91% of healthcare professionals agree that improving the administrative processes will enhance the quality of care provided to the patients.

This latest enhancement to ADS facilitates improvements in efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and job satisfaction and empowers finance team members to focus on interpreting and analyzing critical clinical, financial, and operational data as opposed to capturing and entering data.

Some use cases examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Querying the database and sending emails with the results attached
  • Transferring files from a third-party system and running the data loader
  • Triggering notifications via text or email upon a particular event
  • Running Webl reports automatically
  • Transferring patients’ electronic health records across ecosystems automatically
  • Triggering escalations to the C-Suite level to raise red flags, etc.