Save up to 60% off standard service rates

What if you could access a decision support expert on an as-needed basis at a highly discounted rate?

Now you can. Harris Affinity is offering concierge services to all Affinity Decision Support (ADS) customers.

For a highly discounted rate, ADS customers can receive the expert guidance of Harris Affinity’s consulting team. This team is comprised of individuals who have a combined 125 years of mastery in the healthcare industry and more specifically, in decision support solutions. You can engage our team on an as-needed basis, for up to five hours a month. Our subject matter experts will guide you through your specific issue, providing your team with the proficiency needed to come to a resolution, both now and in the future. Benefits of concierge services include hospital and healthcare system optimization, process improvement, enhanced Return on Investment (ROI) and:

  • Expert Guidance. Struggling with current business processes? Curious about best practices? We’ll share lessons learned from our 25-year track record of successful implementations
  • Discounted Rate. Save up to 60% on our standard service rates with a guaranteed number of hours from our ADS subject matter experts
  • System Review. Our experts will take a look at how your system is currently set up to ensure that it maximizes efficiency according to your organization’s procedures
  • Results. At the conclusion of services, Harris Affinity will provide your team with essential documentation outlining your request and the steps taken to resolve it, for future use

Ready to engage? Simply email us with a summary of the guidance you are looking for, along with your contact number, to start the process. An ADS expert will call you within one business day of receiving the request to create an engagement plan that fits your needs.

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