What if you could back your decisions with accurate, timely and actionable hospital financial data? You can, with Harris Affinity’s Hospital Costing as a Service (CaaS)!

Hospital CFOs and finance teams are experiencing daunting challenges in trying to bridge the revenue and profitability impacts resulting from reduced volumes and lower-margin services while striving to deliver an unprecedented level of care during the pandemic. You’re continuously being asked to provide more. More: data, informed insights, metrics and visibility. And you’re being asked to do so on an increased frequency with fewer resources.

Harris Affinity’s CaaS service, which combines outsourced hospital cost accounting and impact analysis, is a cost-effective program designed to take data gathering, cost processing and financial reporting off your plate.

Harris Affinity has provided this service to our valued customers for decades. But now, for the first time, Harris Affinity has bundled these productivity-enhancing services together as an affordable out-of-the-box solution, based on direct market feedback and input from hospital CFOs and healthcare financial leaders, as a mechanism to support customers through these evolving and complex times.

With fewer resources to process an ever-increasing amount of data from disparate systems, it’s time to turn to the experts.

Let Harris Affinity do the leg work of data and cost processing and then provide you with the trusted data you need to make strong financial decisions. The result is a collection of reports that provide a complete picture of organizational finances, that can help identify areas for improvement at your hospital and further your success.

How does hospital financial reporting work?

The process is simple.

  • Step 1: Choose reports. Harris Affinity provides you with a list of 20 standard report options. Choose from a wide variety of cost analysis reports, including but not limited to: DRG, service line, unit cost, physician comparison, encounter details, etc. As part of the standard package, you select the five most vital reports you’d like to receive.
  • Step 2: Extract data. Extract the requested data from your electronic health record (EHR) and financial systems. Harris Affinity combines this clinical and financial information into its powerful hospital decision support solution, ADS, to produce a detailed report you can use to analyze trends, variances, revenue impacts and more. ADS can accept almost any data format from nearly any system.
  • Step 3: Set frequency. Most clients request monthly or quarterly reporting, but Harris Affinity is flexible enough to customize the schedule according to your organization’s needs.

Benefits to you

There is much to gain and nothing to lose with our hospital data insights.

  • Save money. Engaging with Harris Affinity’s outsourced cost accounting services is less costly than adding another full-time employee to your staff.
  • Gain actionable insights. Harris Affinity healthcare consultants provide reports you can leverage to identify opportunities for improvement across the hospital continuum of care.
  • Increase productivity. Free analysts from the busy work of loading and extracting data, so that they have more time to analyze hospital cost reports and make recommendations for revenue improvements.

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Harris Affinity has been providing decision support and cost accounting solutions to the healthcare industry for the past 33 years. Its flagship solution, ADS, helps hospital administrators gain clear visibility into key volume, cost and profitability across the continuum of care.