Why should I care about automation in Software?

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Automation in enterprise software can be defined as software systems developed to achieve outcomes toward business success programmatically. Examples of this could include but are not limited to extracting information from a predetermined plan, performing transformations, loading it into the existing system for further use, and running any number of workflows or business processes that […]

Internet Usage Standards We All Seem to Overlook

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With the final days of IE11 around the corner, I thought back on all the bug fixes and updates to it over the years. It reminded me of a great plan and simple reference published this time last year aptly named “So long, Internet Explorer, and your decades of security bugs“. At this point, you […]

Harris Affinity Supports HL7/FHIR Data to Promote Digital Health Data Interoperability

With the release of version 10.5, ADS customers can take full advantage of HL7/FHIR interoperability to bridge the data gap between disparate applications and seamlessly ingest data from core source data systems into ADS. This interoperability enhancement will help to streamline future core source data system migrations and upgrades, reduces the need for manually intensive […]

2022 Cost Impacts for Small Rural Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

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As hospital markets evolve and we move through the latest phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see an escalation of health care costs and hospital spending. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, national health care expenditures through 2028 are projected to grow at 5.4%. This growth trajectory will result in […]

Harris Affinity Decision Support Receives Top Ratings From HFMA’s Peer Review Designation

Key Findings Report from HFMA Peer Review Designation Wakefield, MA, March 31, 2022 – Harris Affinity (Affinity), is proud to announce the official Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Peer Review Designation of the Harris Affinity Decision Support (ADS) tool and make available the key findings from the report. The Peer Review Designation and Key Findings […]

Labor Shortages Drive Need for Care Delivery Change

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Nursing shortages result in poor quality of care including – an increase in adverse events – as well as nursing staff burnout. New care-delivery models are needed to retain and attract nurses and provide improved work environments with flexible scheduling, coordinated care and expansion of virtual care. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery of health care […]

Harris Affinity Introduces Labor Costing Enhancement to Decision Support Costing Solution

Time Factor capability added to ADS Activity-Based Costing Method Wakefield, MA, February 10, 2022 – Harris Affinity (Affinity) is proud to announce the latest innovation in Activity-Based Costing (ABC). A new “resource intensity” element has been added to patient utilization and charge item records. This greatly improves the accuracy and specificity of staff and labor […]